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My cover Hyosung - Goodnight kiss 


(Source : infinitblaq)

Anonyme a dit: Hi Nana, can you do tutorial like the daejae edits you just post? Thank you


Based on this post - [x]

1. Okay so first, open the picture of which you want to edit.

For me it’s my bae Hyosung ~


2. To remove background, you can use lasso tool, polygonal lasso tool, background remove eraser, etc; whatever you’re comfortable with.

I used quick mask tool down there and click on the brush.


3. Then brush over the unneeded background. It will look like this.


4. Change the size of the brush whenever necessary.
 I used 50px , sometimes 10px , sometimes 5px , sometimes 2px and sometimes 1px.

After you done, it will look like this,


5. Unclick the mask tool, it will look something like this,


6. then click on the polygonal lasso tool and click right, choose Inverse and press Backspace.


7. Because there’s annoying logo here, I use the rectangle selection on it before pressing Edit and choose Fill.

This is my settings.

And it will disappear ! :D

8. Sharpen your image.

9. Make a new document - my settings is 500px height x 700px width.

10. Paint it any color.

11. Add PSD.

12. Write whatever you wanna put in and change the opacity to 15-50%. Resize it however you want.

13. Put the font layer below your image like this,

And you’re done !

Final Result :